Vehicle/RV and Boat Storage Tips: Keeping Your Investments Safe

At Lakeside Storage, we understand the importance of safeguarding your valuable vehicles and boats. To help you make the most of your storage experience, we've compiled these storage tips for your peace of mind:

1. Choose the Right Storage Unit
  • Select a storage unit that matches the size of your vehicle or boat. It should provide ample space for your item without being too cramped.
2. Clean Thoroughly
  • Before storing your vehicle or boat, give it a thorough cleaning. Remove dirt, debris, and any perishable items to prevent odors and pests.
3. Drain Fluids
  • For boats and RVs, make sure to drain all fluids, including fuel, oil, and water, to prevent leaks and damage.
4. Disconnect Batteries
  • Disconnect the battery to prevent it from draining while in storage. Consider using a trickle charger to maintain the battery's health.
5. Cover and Protect
  • Use high-quality covers designed for your vehicle or boat to protect them from dust, UV rays, and potential scratches.
6. Proper Tire Maintenance
  • Inflate tires to the recommended pressure to prevent flat spots. Consider using tire covers to shield them from the elements.
7. Lubricate Moving Parts
  • Apply lubricant to hinges, locks, and other moving parts to prevent corrosion and ensure they function smoothly.
8. Stabilize Fuel
  • For vehicles and boats with gas tanks, add a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel degradation during storage.
9. Maintain Ventilation
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the storage area to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew.
10. Check Insurance
  • Verify that your vehicle or boat insurance covers storage. Consider specialized storage insurance for added protection.
11. Maintain Records
  • Keep records of maintenance and any work done before storage, including photos of the vehicle or boat's condition.
12. Visit Periodically
  • Schedule regular check-ins to inspect your vehicle or boat for any issues or needed maintenance.
13. Follow Storage Regulations
  • Abide by any storage facility regulations and guidelines, including access hours and security measures. By following these vehicle/RV and boat storage tips, you'll ensure that your investments remain in excellent condition while in storage.

At Lakeside Storage, we offer secure and convenient storage solutions to meet your needs. If you have any questions or would like to reserve storage space, please contact us today! Your assets are our priority.